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At San Clemente remodeling Solutions we’ve decided to go the extra step for our customers. We produce our line of bathroom vanities that suit each of our customer’s styles. We have a wide range of wood types, colors, and even door styles. 

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What Makes Our Bathroom Vanity Cabinets Unique?

If you’re looking for a relaxing space, you no longer need to head to a hotel or even an expensive spa for the day. With our creative bathroom solutions, you can create your very own dream space with elegance and serenity. At San Clemente remodeling Solutions you’ll be able to choose from several options to completely transform your current space into everything that you desire. 

With our 34-5/8″ cabinets, you no longer need to bend down as you shave or brush your teeth. Our line provides you with both modern and traditional door styles to choose from. We even stock our state-of-the-art floating vanities for that extra taste of modern design. We currently have over 1000 wooden finishes and paints that go perfectly with your door style. 

We even offer specially custom vanities and you never have to pay for a different size. Our team can even glaze and distress your cabinet. So say goodbye to your old space and hello to your new one. 

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What Makes Our Bathroom Vanities Unique?

  • Our cabinets are multi-finished. This gives them a pretty unique appearance by bringing out the true beauty of style and color. 


  • We’ve got cabinets that are available in a European contemporary frameless design. These allow the door to be mounted to the cabinet. 


  • There’s all-new increased storage capacity and durability. 


  • We provide you with a selection of over 950 finishes and two levels of sheen. 

You can work with our expert designers to ensure that you select the perfect door size, wood, and finishes to bring your vision to reality. There are tons of color tones, glazes, and stains to design your cabinet specifically for you. Now you can finally create the perfect space for you. 



We take pride in our craft and our work as we aim to do more than just satisfy our customers. We always go above and beyond for our customers.

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