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San Clemente remodeling Solutions doesn’t merely face lift your bathroom. Our Chicago bathroom remodeling specialists know all the tricks on how to make any bathroom to reach its absolute potential.

A comprehensive transformation of your bathroom from your floor to your countertops and shower tiles will be done to bring out your desired bathroom renovation. Never has San Clemente witnessed such topnotch bathroom remodeling that’s this centered and specific before.

We offer various services for all tree care needs such as:
Bathroom Remodel
Bathroom Flooring
Bathroom Renovation
Bathtub Replacement
Remodeling of the shower – Installation, Enclosure
Shower Installation Service
Conversion of tubs to showers
Bathroom Ideas


  • Boosts your property’s value – A tremendous rise in your home’s value can be witnessed when you remodel your bathroom beautifully. Most buyers in this day and age prioritize the state of the bathroom when they are house hunting.
  • Incorporation of energy-efficient features – Not only is going green great for the environment but also your billfold. You can save cash that you’d spend on utility bills by installing new energy-efficient or by simply updating old fixtures.
  • Addition of smart storage locations – There’s nothing like too much storage! The addition of some counters for the storage of linens and towels shouldn’t be disregarded.
  • Refreshed Look And Feel – Bathroom remodeling is a superb way to extremely makeover your bathroom. You can opt to have a more traditional look or an ultramodern look. This gives your bathroom a new lease of life.

Our Services



There isn’t a complete bathroom that doesn’t have a sink complementing the new bathroom’s unique style. Limitless designs are offered by our experts for designing a sink providing both functionality and a stunning look.



A wide variety of beautiful designs is present for you to select from. The stand out option comprises of the freestanding ones.



Your bathroom can have a refined, fresh look with a brand new shower! At [Business Name], we have quality showers that are highly rated to give your home a stylish appearance



our dedicated and experienced craftsmen use only the best materials and technology to create the perfect cabinet for you. If you’re remodeling or simply improving your existing space, we can more than help you.

Why You Should Choose Us

Expert Credentials

For competent workmanship, bathroom contractors need to be licensed, bonded, and insured. You should not only hire a company that deals with bathroom renovations but also one that is reputable in the society. This ensures your remodeling is finished successfully.

A touch of expert finishing

Guidance will be provided by a remodeling contractor. This ensures the project is completed precisely with outstanding craftsmanship and care.

Discount Offers

Experts can get better deals on products since they have established relations with suppliers or manufacturers. They can get superior quality products at better prices.

Saves Time

Less time will be used up when you choose Highland Construction and Restoration for your bathroom remodeling. Still, this job will be done with little interference. Necessary permits and inspection requirements will be handled by the remodeling contractor.

Safety is important

Rigorous training has been offered to our crew members. They strictly follow safety guidelines. Moreover, with decades of bathroom remodeling experience, rest assured they’ll provide efficient and successful topnotch services. Encountering any problems with your bathroom? There’s no need to put yourself in danger through injuries or fatalities by doing repairs by yourself. The right course of action is contacting local professional contractors.



The finest difference to your bathroom remodeling details will be made by our experience and the expert approach we take. Our team of contractors will partner with you to ensure your needs be it luxury, style, convenience, or a little bit of each are met.


Work your way up from the floor. Any bathroom renovation needs to start from the bathroom floor. Our experts can provide professional guidance on the best bathroom flooring to produce the best outcomes after your remodeling.


A custom bathroom vanity can be an excellent add-on to a bathroom remodeling. The development of a custom vanity that’s tailored to fit flawlessly into your bathroom space in San Clemente can be done. It can be built to look just like what you’ve envisioned.


New shower installations are done during most bathroom renovations in San Clemente. Convenience and comfort are produced by such an installation as well as an updated look. Our proficient professionals can perfectly install a new shower or upgrade your current shower to its peak with an absolute repair or reconstruction.


The bathroom you’ve dreamed about can be made possible by [Business Name]. We can design the concept and oversee the project until it is concluded. An amazing sanctuary will be provided to your family by your newly designed bathroom. Bathrooms are a huge investment. They should be used to uplift your home’s value.

Lots of things need to be taken into account before going ahead with any significant bathroom design decisions. Even though bathroom designing may sound like an easy task, it isn’t. Take time to figure out the type of bathroom you need:

Is the new bathroom design you are gunning for supposed to add value to your home or is it to create more space for relaxation and unwinding while you shower?

Is your current bathroom too small to meet your needs?

Is your personal style being factored in during the bathroom design?


Bathroom Design

We are better placed in the comprehension of the balance of function and form than any other company. Time is taken as we explain to you all the options you have – from larger projects such as flooring, bathroom hardware, shower doors, mirrors, and bathroom cabinets to smaller selections such as vents, fixtures, and knobs. This makes it easier for you to reach an informed decision.


A Custom Bathroom Design

This huge undertaking needs to be entrusted to a company that has relevant experience to ensure such a project is concluded seamlessly. A great reputation has been gained by [Business Name] in San Clemente as the most trusted bathroom design company. This has been achieved by taking the same approach each and every time. We listen to what you have to say!


Bathroom renovation can be a challenging project. Time needs to be taken to come up with a clear design of the renovated bathroom’s purpose. You also need to factor in any required features. The planning of finer details can be done once this stage is concluded. During the preparation of your bathroom’s renovation, you need to take into account several factors and features:


Bathroom Layout

For the functionality and convenience of the space, a perfect layout is required. This is why considerations need to be made regarding the flow, practicality, and ambiance when planning for the layout of your bathroom. Lots of floor plan options exist, even though constrictions may ensue due to the positions of existing plumbing points. So, prioritization is key for the features you deem necessary in the renovated bathroom.



The renovation of your bathtub is worthless without the inclusion of a contemporary bathtub. Other the other hand, minimal space is used by recessed baths. They’re easily accessible even for the elderly or disabled.


Vanity and basin

A double vanity is what you should consider getting if you and your partner always prepare yourselves at the same time. Lots of storage is also required even though the appearance shouldn’t be meddled with. This ensures there’s a seamless match between the vanity and the entire bathroom.


Fixtures and fittings

Your renovated bathroom’s design can be complemented by fittings and fixtures. These are practical inclusions in your renovated bathroom. A vast range of materials produce taps including gold, brass, chrome, and stainless steel. Practical roles are played by the shower, sink, toilet, and bathtub while effortlessly blending with the bathroom’s setting.



Tiles are significantly critical in determining how your bathroom’s look and ambiance will be. Selecting the best tiles is important to the attainment of your bathroom renovation goals. This applies from the wall tiles to floor tiles and unique feature borders


Issues can result from shallow drains. This is more so when connected with pipe clogs. Ideally, water should flow directly down the drainage pipe once it enters the drain from the faucet. Water may at times remain in the bowl due to a shallow drain. As a result, standing water is produced as the water drains slowly.

A clogged sink can be caused by insufficient sink drainage together with soap and hair accumulation. Undesirable odors can emanate from the clogged sink. Clog prevention and foul smells can be eliminated by cleaning the sink. However, this is just a temporary fix to the problem of incorrect installation.



We will take a step ahead to affordably bring whatever you’ve envisioned to life. This is from amazing light fixtures to durable vanities.


Featuring actual wood and quality furniture joints, our vanities are available in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and finishes. These features give your bathroom a cost-effective stylish look that will last for decades to come.


Our designs range from the contemporary sleekness of above-the-counter choices to under-mount sinks. We also provide long-lasting pedestal sinks in case you have a small bathroom. They save space whilst making a statement!


During bathroom remodeling, lighting may not cross your mind at first. Still, it is an important element of any bathroom. Your bathroom’s aesthetics should be complemented by the classic new lighting fixture. An ideal brightness level should be provided in the room


We provide quality bathroom products and professional services that you can rely on whether you want a traditional framed mirror to be installed or a customized medallion style. We can add final touches to your bathroom renovation.


More time is spent walking on your bathroom floor than the time spent thinking about it. Even so, the visual appeal and durability of your bathroom space will be significantly affected by your bathroom floor. The longevity of your bathroom can be safeguarded by installing the right flooring

Did You Know?

Remodeling the bathroom is a worthy investment – The functionality of your restroom can be improved by remodeling. This makes your restroom comfier. The resale value of your property can rocket by over 60% when bathroom remodeling is done. This is according to research that indicates the significance that a cutting-edge bathroom has on your property’s resale value.

Remodeling the bathroom is fantastic for DIY enthusiasts – Professional skills aren’t needed when doing most of the work. You and other homeowners can embark on remodeling.

A bright bathroom often seems larger – A dull environment usually seems smaller as compared to a similar brightly colored environment. This fact applies to bathrooms too.


The San Clemente Remodeling Solutions Promise

A guarantee is one of the ways for you to rest assured that we’ll deliver quality services as your home improvement project continues. Our guarantee can stand the test of time.

Many people have informed us of how they were burned by warranties. Most learned the hard way that warranties are prorated quickly by manufacturers. This sometimes happens after the first year. The labor of the average contractor only runs for one year according to guarantees regardless of the years the manufacturer has promised.

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